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Do you get the most out of your well-performing search terms? Find out the total installs, average CPA, and spend metrics for different search term cohorts and understand your real search term performance!

How It Works?Contact Us can track the competitor’s bidding keywords and manage our campaign with Automation Rules. We felt like hiring a new Apple Search Ads marketer!

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Get an instant analysis of your Search Term Performance and take action to maximize ROAS in Apple Search Ads with Search Term Efficiency Report.

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Search term groups based on install range
Average CPA for each group
USD Spend for different groups
Number of installs’s Smart Automation Rules helped us safely scale our spend in Apple Search Ads by 168% with a 58% uplift in incremental installs in a month.

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Make the most out of Apple Search Ads with As a recognized
Apple Search Ads Partner, we deliver a seamless campaign management experience with all the tools and metrics to make your Apple Search Ads campaigns more efficient and profitable.

Your Search Term Efficiency Report, including:

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Your worst-performing search terms 

with the data of:

Conversion Rate (CR)
USD Spend

When you have hundreds of search terms, underperforming search terms can quickly eat up your budget and prevent you from scaling your campaigns.

Search Term Efficiency report will instantly reveal your top 5 worst performing search terms, allowing you to take action and prevent budget waste.

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No More Wasting Hours on Spreadsheets

Rather than trying to make sense of your search terms manually on a spreadsheet, you can instantly get a snapshot of your overall performance. Search Term Efficiency will analyze all of your search terms and send a report directly to your inbox.